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Do I really need a Personal Trainer or can I do it myself?

There is no hard and fast answer to this and it will depend on you as an individual; primarily the way in which you motivate yourself, and, of course, your knowledge and skills in the field of exercise that you intend to pursue.

The truth is that for many of us, sticking to an exercise program over a period of time requires support and motivation and often we need someone to push us just that little bit harder than we might be prepared to push ourselves.

The Fitness Company will take the time to ascertain what your needs are and how to help you reach your goals. We will evaluate you at the beginning of your fitness training and understand your lifestyle pressures so that we can move your exercise program forward in the best way for you. We will also monitor your progress at set points along the way to ensure your continued development and see how we are moving towards your goalposts.

Having a Personal Trainer means that you always have someone who is 100% focused on your exercise needs and has a structured path towards your goals, even when your mind is wandering towards a forthcoming board meeting or a pile of laundry! That’s not to say you don’t need to put in the effort - you will need to work really hard to stick to the program and achieve the results but you’ll have someone beside you to give you a helping hand towards your achievement.

Where, When, How and How Much???

Much of this is dependent on what you are looking for, but in simple terms, Claire will come to your home, office or an outdoor space nearby at a time to suit you both, bringing with her the equipment needed to address your needs. Much can be achieved in an outdoor space with very little equipment and this is the approach that Claire favours! However, if extreme weather prevents it or you particularly want to train indoors, Claire can achieve great results in a small indoor environment without much equipment - you’d be surprised! Many people think that Personal Training is unaffordable but with millions of pounds of unused gym memberships in the UK, using a Personal Trainer who ensures that you stick to a schedule can be invaluable. Plus, with the variety of bundles and packages on offer from The Fitness Company we’re confident that you can find something to suit your needs. See Prices for more details.