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Happy Mummy, Happy Baby.....

It might sound like something of a cliché, but it’s true - if you are relaxed and happy then your baby is more likely to be a happy and relaxed baby too.

The first months of motherhood can be a demanding time as you struggle to adapt to sleepless nights and a bigger lifestyle change than you’ve ever experienced before. Your body has also been through a significant experience both from the hormonal changes that you have experienced and also the physical stresses that pregnancy places upon it.

Fit Mums is a great way to re-introduce your body to exercise after the birth of your baby and it has the added bonus of letting you meet other Mums and discuss the ups and downs of motherhood. We meet in an outdoor setting in all weathers (except if ice underfoot makes it too dangerous) and whilst your baby is snuggled up in their pram or buggy then they will be happy - and getting fresh air is great for them too!

When my daughter was born in 2010 I joined a similar group near my home in London at the time, and that fantastic experience inspired me to change my career and set up a group when I moved to Cheshire. The combination of fresh air, exercise and meeting new friends with babies of a similar age was really fantastic and the benefits to me and my daughter went beyond just getting toned abs!


Every person who attends these classes will be at a different stage and fitness level and so alternative exercises are given to accommodate your own personal level of ability or fitness. Many many people have concerns after pregnancy or birth about their ability to keep up or participate in certain exercises - please don’t be concerned, just come along and see how much fun we have!

Sessions are on Thursdays at 10am (starts 1st March) and we meet by the playground in Tattenhall Park CH3 9AH. You can buy a 6 class pass for £25 or sessions are £5 if you pay as you go. Call Claire for more info on 07809 613003.