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Have you always been interested in fitness?

No! As a child I wasn’t the most sporty kid on the block and generally sat on the reserves bench in the netball team, although I was pretty skilled at cutting up the half time oranges! The fitness bug really started to hit me as I reached my adult years and made associations with the feelings of well-being and overall health that it gave me. Since having my daughter, I’m  a fierce campaigner for the continuation of fitness into pregnancy, as long as it is a straightforward and healthy one.

What made you pursue a career in the fitness industry?

My background is in the finance industry and I spent many years slogging away at my desk doing long hours and long commutes and trying to fit my exercise schedule around it. When a move from London to Cheshire forced me to reassess my job options I took the bold move to change careers and focus on something that until that point had just been a hobby. I re-trained as a Personal trainer and took a special interest in the training of Ante and Post Natal women because I feel that maintaining fitness levels during this period of your life can make a really significant difference to your wellbeing and that of your baby.

Who do you train?

Pretty much anyone who is looking for a personal trainer! Business men and women, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, teenagers, people who want to lose weight, pregnant ladies, people who are training for a specific event…the list is endless.

Do you advise on diet as well as exercise?

Any fitness instructor will tell you that ensuring that you have a healthy diet as well as a good exercise regime is the key to losing/maintaining weight and ensuring you are in tip-top condition, so I will always ask questions about my clients diet and lifestyle and offer some advice where it is needed. I do offer Nutritional and Lifestyle assessments for those who feel that they have specific needs in this area and this can sit alongside a training program for optimum performance and results.

Should you train during pregnancy and what are the benefits?

Providing you have a healthy and straightforward pregnancy, maintaining regular activity during your pregnancy is an extremely healthy thing to do! Maintaining your fitness levels during pregnancy helps to alleviate or even eliminate some of the common complaints that are associated with pregnancy including morning sickness and back pain. It also reduces the likelihood of excessive weight gain which in turn will lead to an easier and healthier 9 months. In addition, focusing on maintaining muscle tone can lead to a shorter and easier delivery of your baby and your return to post-pregnancy fitness levels will be a significantly easier and quicker affair. With specific qualifications in Ante and Post natal fitness I can assess your fitness level and devise a program to see you through your pregnancy and the post natal period beyond. I also offer programs specifically for the Post natal period to help you regain your fitness and figure, even if you haven’t trained prior to the birth of your baby.

What are the important things to know about exercise?

There are 3 main things that I think sometimes get overlooked:

1) Anyone can do it – it’s never too late to take up exercise and there is a programme to suit everyone whatever your interests/goals/lifestyle.

2) It should be fun – sessions with me will be hard work and you’ll have to put in 100% effort to get your reward but we will have fun along the way and I hope you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next session

3) It’s very, very important – We all want to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy our life, whether that means kicking a ball around in the park with our children or managing a 70 hour business week. Your health is the most important asset you possess and without it you are nothing. So do football, do walking, do boxercise, do horseriding, do whatever you want to do as long as you DO SOME EXERCISE!!